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Test laboratory

EurocemEmitech Group

Your EMC and radio tests laboratory located in the east of France.
Our center is accredited COFRAC (Cofrac accreditation n° 1-0744, scope available on

An EMC expert at your service

ElectroMagnetic CompatibilityTests

A Faraday room with exceptional characteristics for your EMC tests campaigns

A RADIO expert at your service

Radio frequencytests

Take advantage of testing in Faraday room for your measures “open area test site”

Emitech Group


Complementary skills: climatic, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical safety,...

Since 1995

About Eurocem

Emitech Subsidiary since 2000

Located near Sochaux, our laboratory test electric and electronic equipments. Our facilities allows to realize tests on vehicle or equipments according to automotive qualifications. We ara able too realize tests campaigns for CE marking.

Eurocem is notified body for the EMC directive 2004/108/EC (click here for more informations). You can also take advantage of the notification of Emitech Group for 2 other main directives called by the CE marking.

Advice - Technical support

Our team is recognized for its know-how and its support to find solution to reach the conformity of your products.

Reactiviy - Avaibility

Secure your date of tests with our lab

Embedded electronics, industrial and consumer products, medical equipment, radio frequency devices,

EMC and radio laboratory

Tests laboratory

Our services

ElectroMagnetic Compatibility – RADIO FREQUENCIES


Access to the global services of Emitech Group for your qualifications

CE marking and more

Bespoke solutions for your CE marking and global access market

Strong RF field

Discover our EMC qualification lab and its exceptionnal test capacities

Tests on vehicles

Emitech Group realize acoustics tests (semi anechoïc chamber - test bench with 4 independent rollers)

Test laboratory accredited by COFRAC (n°1-0744, scope on – notifed body for the directive 2004/108/EC

A recognized know-how

An unique partner

Emitech Group

For a global performance

The Group's laboratories offer comprehensive solutions for EMC (electromagnetic compatibiltity), electrical, environmental, mechanical, reliability, hydraulic and even acoustic testing required by contractors or legislation. You keep benefit of our facilities, services and understanding of your needs.


Military and aeronautical qualification, CE marking


Mechanical, climatic, physicochemical, environment- Hydraulics and acoustics


Vibrations, mechanic and climatic


climatic, mechanical and acoustics qualifications


Training, test, engineering and even more

Responsivity and Services in line with our tests capabilities

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33 3 81 90 75 90

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    364 rue Armand Japy, Technoland - 25460 ETUPES - France

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    33 3 81 32 36 28

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33 3 81 90 75 90

Eurocem - 364 rue Armand Japy, Technoland - 25460 ETUPES - France

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